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This section is just random, nutty stuff for amusement!




Tyson, our new dog...(9/10)


Dave Grier, early 90's



Here's Jeff Newman and Tony Marshall in my backyard in Highland Park around 1980



Peter Hurley,  Bill Batson, Pat O'Connor and Phil LaCasse hanging out at "Batson's Beach" circa 1968

Me, Bill Batson, John Kravitz and an unknown person-same day...same place.....



This is from the trip to California where Phil Hannon and I hitched a ride with my brother Dave, who was moving back there from Illinois. For Phil and I, it was an adventurous vacation. I believe this was 1968.



Mary and I on one of our 'city trips' to downtown Chicago....I think this was at the Drake Hotel, enjoying a couple of fine cigars we bought at one of the old tobacco shops on Wabash earlier that day. I believe this was in the early '90's...


Mac loves the snow!








Here's our late dog Casper showing his disapproval at my holding Mac...



Here's an interesting photo, taken at my wedding in 1975. That's Hunt Hamil on the left,  the late Ed Weinrib in the middle, and Karla Moulton on the right. Mark Hannon is in the background.





This is a picture taken in 1967 in Los Gatos, California of Kerry Meader's car. He was a friend of my brother Dave, and he had all his friends help paint his car. I painted a spot on the right rear fender. Too bad the picture isn't in color, because it really was brilliant.



Here's a pic I caught of a dragonfly Mary spotted down by the lake.




Here I am in my backyard with the amazing John Byrum. We were drinking vodka that day...Later in the evening we went out fishing on the lake I live on and I capsized the boat while trying to relieve myself over the bow. I wish I had a picture of all the gear, the fishing lures and of course the bottle of Ketel One floating about afterwards, and I don't need a picture to remind me of the look on John's face as we sunk....I remember looking back towards John as the rowboat gurgled down into the depths of Highland was a look of both surprise and resignation...luckily, we were only in about 6' of water when we went down...



Casper with our new puppy, also a standard poodle



These are some of the birdhouses I built this year...




Here's one of our bonfires in our backyard down by the lake...








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